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Re-Claiming PPI for a Deceased Loved One

Nobody ever seems to talk about the financial journey that immediately faces those who lose a loved one.

Culturally, the focus is on the emotional elements of the passing of a loved one, of death, of grief.

Suddenly there's a space where before, there just wasn't. You can't say things to the space, and you can't lean against a space, and the space has no warmth or smell.

Meanwhile, life moves on towards the next season at the same speed it always did, it doesn't wait. Look outside; the clouds are moving across the window pane, and the sun will soon set like it always has...

... and life continues to revolve around finances and specifics linked to finances. But - in the UK anyway - it's as though it's unseemly to address money and financial issues outside of the lawyer's office. However, money is a practical item that can help immensely. And clear advice and discussion is far more helpful, than mutters under the breath.

There's no good or evil to mon…

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